Can I cancel my Aeromexico flight?

Yes, you are eligible to make changes to your bookings once they are confirmed. If you have purchased the tickets either from the airline’s website or mobile application, then you can modify them by yourself. If you booked the flight through a travel agent, then for further changes, you must reach the agent.

How to cancel an Aeromexico flight? 

If your tickets are confirmed with Aeromexico, but now, due to any reason, you wish to modify them, then observe these steps for Aeromexico flight cancellations thoroughly and follow as mentioned:-

  • Open the website of the airline and click on the “Your trip” icon.
  • Now, you can retrieve your tickets by inserting the “Confirmation number” and “Last name”.
  • When your booking is open, you can edit it per your need.
  • Use the “cancel bookings” option and proceed.
  • Please choose one of the listed reasons for canceling the bookings or skip it.
  • Then check the cancellation charges and continue to make payments for this facility.
  • Once the payment is made, your flight will be canceled.
  • After that, you can apply to get a refund for your bookings.

Does Aeromexico have a cancellation policy? 

Yes, like the necessary policies and regulations of the other facilities of Aeromexico, there is also an Aeromexico cancellation policy that you must keep in mind before modifying your ticket or applying for a refund.

What is Aeromexico's cancellation policy? 

  • The passenger can do the modification without any cancellation charges within 24 hours.
  • If you try to make changes to your reservation after 24 hours, then some charges apply to the service you obtain; also, some deductions are in the refunds you receive. 
  • Keep in mind that there are at least 7 days left before your departure when you request the airline to cancel your tickets.
  • If you had a group booking, then the 24 hours policy will not be applied while canceling the tickets.
  • The 24 hours rule also does not apply to you if you have made a booking using your miles.

Can I get a refund when I cancel my flight Aeromexico? 

Yes, you get refunds from Aeromexico if you cancel your booked flight due to any reason. Also, you may go through these essential points related to the refunds of Aeromexico.

  • If you have made the payments for your tickets using online mode, then Aeromexico credits the amount within 5 to 7 days.
  • But if it was offline, it may take up to 20 business days.
  • You are allowed to get full refunds if you request to modify the ticket within 24 hours.
  • Per the airline’s rules, the refunds may be in the form of an amount or gift voucher from Aeromexico that you can utilize in your succeeding journeys. 

Does Aeromexico allow for cancellation? 

Yes, Aeromexico allows for modifications in your tickets, like a cancellation. However, this is not the only change that you can make with your tickets after purchase. You may request the airline for other modifications also, like:-

  • Select a seat for the trip.
  • Reschedule the flight. 
  • Change or edit the name on tickets.
  • Add or remove a passenger.
  • Request for refunds.
  • Add baggage.
  • Upgrade the tickets, i.e., change flight class, etc.

Does Aeromexico let you cancel a flight? 

Yes, Aeromexico let you cancel the flights as the other modifications. You can reach the airline to request the alteration through various modes, like:-

  • Online:- In this, you can use the website and make changes without any external help. Also, its steps are mentioned above. 
  • Airport desk:- If you are not far from any airport, then you can reach the desk and request to modify/cancel your reservation.
  • Helpdesk:- To stay away from all kinds of confusion and doubts, Aeromexico operates helpline services. You can utilize this facility also.

Does Aeromexico charge to cancel a flight? 

Yes, Aeromexico charges some amount if you cancel your flight. To avoid the service charges for modifications in a ticket, you need to have an idea of the Aeromexico cancellation policy 24 hours after booking confirmation.

How much does Aeromexico cost to cancel a flight?

If you try to cancel the Aeromexico flight after 24 hours, then you are eligible to pay the amount of 200 USD per person to the airline to confirm your cancellation and claim for a refund later. But these charges may vary according to the time left in the departure. Also, the deductions will occur in your refunds which are different from the cancelation charges.