How do I contact Air Canada from Heathrow Airport?

How to speak with Air Canada executive from Heathrow Airport?

If you have booked your flight ticket with Air Canada and your flight is from Heathrow Airport. And, if you are facing any difficulties or wondering about something which is related to Air Canada services such as flight status, check-in, luggage, etc. To resolve all these doubts, you can connect with an Air Canada agent by dialing Air Canada Heathrow airport customer support number which is (0)0800 669 92222, and solve your queries. 

The contact information of Air Canada at Heathrow airport

You can use the official information and get the Air Canada Heathrow airport contact number which is mentioned below, to contact the representative. 

  • Name of the airport: London Heathrow Airport
  • Airport Address: London Borough of Hillingdon, England, United Kingdom
  • Airport contact number: 0844 335 1801
  • Airport official webpage:
  • Airlines contact number: 1-888-247-2262
  • Airlines office webpage:
  • Post Office Address: Heathrow, PO Box 887, 3 Manor Court, Exeter, EX1 9YT

Alternative ways to connect with the airlines :-

Through email: Use the email option to contact the customer service of the airlines in case you are unable to connect with the airlines using the contact number. You can get the email form option on the official page of the airline.

Using social media: If you are trying to call the customer service of the airline but you are unable to contact them, you can also use social media to contact the service. You can go to the social media page of the airline and send your queries and get solutions from the agent.

Through the mail (for the airport): You can also use the above mailing address to send your queries to the agent at the airport.

With a live person: You can also get a representative at the airport counter. Reach the agent at the counter if you are at the airport. They will assist you and solve the issues you're facing.

List of important numbers:-

  • Reservation: (0)0800 669 92222
  • Customer Service number: (0)0800 669 92222
  • Special Assistance number: 800 669 92222

But remember that additional fares may apply when you call the customer service of the airline. You can check out the help page of the airlines and the airport page to go through the Faqs provided.

How do I contact Heathrow customer service?

You can use the contact number of Heathrow Airport and get the support you need. You can dial the customer service number 0844 335 1801. Dial the number, then follow the prompts to connect with the details. Once you are associated with the agent, you can tell your issues, and they are solved in no time.

What is the phone number for Heathrow Airport customer service?

If you would like to contact the customer at Heathrow Airport, you can use the contact number 0844 335 1801 or you can also use the contact number of the airlines. Use the steps that are provided below to contact the customer service of Air Canada.

1. Dial the customer service number 1-888-247-2262.

2. When you call the number, you will be greeted by an artificial voice.

3. After the greeting, you need to choose your favorite language.

4. Then pay attention to the instruction and press the numbers accordingly.

  • Kindly press 1 to get flight information
  • Kindly press 2 to get know about the status of your flight
  • Kindly press 3 to make a reservation
  • Kindly press 4 to cancel a reservation
  • Kindly press 9 to speak with a representative.

5. You will be associated shortly with a representative.

6. You can let them know your needs and get assistance.

How do I contact Air Canada about baggage allowance?

You can use the customer service number 0800 669 92222 to know about the Baggage allowance on Air Canada. Dial the number and follow the automated voice commands and then reach the agent. You can also go through the help page of the airlines to see the baggage allowance.

Where does Air Canada land at Heathrow?

Air Canada uses Terminal 2 for arrival at Heathrow Airport. If there are any changes at the arrival terminal, you will be informed by the airline, or you can also contact the customer service of the airline and get the information about the terminal.

How many terminals are there at Heathrow?

London Heathrow Airport consists of 5 terminals. Terminals 1, 2, and 3 are connected and have a walkable distance between each terminal. If you have any doubts, you can use the Air Canada Heathrow terminal contact number and get the information you need from a professional.

Which terminal does Air Canada use?

Arrival Terminal:

Air Canada uses Terminal 2 for arrival at Heathrow Airport. In case of any changes at the arrival, points contact the customer service of the airlines or the airport service to get the help needed.

Departure Terminal:

Air Canada uses Terminal 2 for departure at the airport. In case of any doubts with Air Canada Heathrow Terminal departures, contact the customer support team and know about the details. For all international departures, Air Canada uses Terminal 2B, which also consists of a lounge.

What is the wait time at Heathrow Terminal 2 customs?

The customs at Heathrow Airport in Terminal 2 can be anywhere between 30 to 2 hours with Air Canada flights. The time depends totally on the crowd that is present at the airport. Hence it is recommended to be at the airport early for your flight departure.

How early to arrive at Heathrow Air Canada?

You need to be at the airport 1 to 2 hours before if you have a domestic flight to catch. And for international flights, it is best to be at the airport 1 to 3 hours prior. To be on avoid risk, it is always recommended to be at the airport early since you can never tell how crowded the airport can be.

What time does Air Canada check-in open?

The check-in counter at the airport for Air Canada opens 3 hours prior to the flight departure. You can use the telephone number Air Canada Heathrow Airport if you have any doubts or issues. Tell the agent about the issues you are facing with the airlines and get them solved.

Is there an Air Canada lounge at Terminal 2 Heathrow?

Yes, there is a Lounge for Air Canada at Terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport. Arrivals Lounge, which you can use after security and is located at Gate B44, level 1. And another one, The Arrivals Lounge, which is located on arrival, level 1, which you can use after security. You can use the Air Canada Heathrow terminal arrivals number to contact customer service if you have any doubts.

Is Heathrow Terminal 2 domestic or international?

Terminal 2 is used for both domestic and international arrivals and departures. Terminal 2b is used for international arrival and departure. If you have donuts with Heathrow airport Air Canada departures, you can contact the officials and get the help you require.