How to fly with a pet at Volaris Airlines?

How can I fly with a pet on Volaris Airlines?

Volaris Airlines is one of the most famous airlines in Mexico, and they understand the problems of passengers. If you are also planning to fly with a pet on Volaris Airlines, you can easily do so, but the pet must be in a container or basket that can easily fit in the lower seat or upper head bin. To travel with Volaris Airlines along with the pet, the customer needs to make a special request in advance. There are restrictions on some breads and pets that are given on the Volaris Airlines pet policies.

How can I add my pet to Volaris flight?

At the time of making the bookings with Volaris Airlines, customers can add their pets, and to make the bookings, the easiest option is to use the official website of Volaris Airlines. In case, there are any customers who do not have information about the process of adding a pet to a Volaris flight can use the points mentioned below.

  • Search for the website of Volaris Airlines. 
  • Now find out the new bookings and provide the information of travel details. 
  • Following that, mention all the necessary information available in that booking form and choose special assistance 
  • After that, select the add pet icon and mention your pet information 
  • Next, you have to save the details and pay the booking charges.

What is Volaris Airlines' pet policy?

To travel with pets, passengers must be aware of Volaris Airlines pet policies that a customer has to follow while making the reservation with Volaris Airlines and having the information about these policies is essential as it will help you to know about the information about cages, restricted breeds, etc. In case, you do not have information about the pet policies on Volaris Airlines, then you need to follow the information below.

  • The pet must be in a cage or box that is wholly ventilated, and it must be in such shape or size that the pet can stand up, turn around, and move quickly.
  • If the box or cage of the pet is in such a shape that it will not fit in the lower seat or upper head bin, then the pet will be sent via cargo. 
  • The weight of the carrier in which the customer is carrying the pet will not be more than 45 kg, and the dimensions must be under 44cmX30cmX19cm. 
  • The carrier in which you are carrying your pet must be labeled with the owner's contact information and the details about the pet, such as age, sex, name, etc. 
  • Pets such as Unvaccinated, under 04 months, sick, dead, violent, etc, pets. Are not allowed by the airlines to travel. 
  • After adding the pet, the airlines do not allow the customer to make the check-in online; they are only eligible to make the check-in from the airport counter of the airlines. 
  • Dogs are allowed by the airlines to travel on the window seats except in premium class and emergency exit, but cats are not allowed to travel on window seats of the last row.

How do I add a pet to an existing Volaris reservation?

At the time of making the booking, if you forget to add your pet, then in such a situation, you can use the alternative mode, which is you have to communicate with the executives of Volaris Airlines. While connecting with them, you will know all the information about the pet policies, charges, breeds that are not allowed, etc. There are multiple modes available using which you can communicate with them, but the most convenient option for that is by connecting over call. For that, you need to give the call to +52 (55) 1102 8000 and then choose the language in which you are looking to take assistance. Then the call will transferred to the executives, and you will able to add your pet.

How much does it cost to add a pet to Volaris?

There are certain charges that a customer has to pay while traveling on Volaris Airlines, and these charges are between 80 USD to 200 USD. The Volaris pet price will vary depending on the weight of the pet, size, etc.

What documents do I need for my pet to fly with Volaris?

There are specific Volaris pet document requirements which a customer has to provide while adding the pet on a Volaris Airlines flight and if they do not know about them then need to go through them below.

  • Travelers must handle the vaccination certificate of the pet which mainly consists of the rabies shot.
  • If your pet is 15 months older, then a booster dose of rabies vaccination certificate must be provided to Volaris Airlines. 
  • A deworming treatment certificate must also be provided to Volaris Airlines. 
  • Travelers must also be available with an animal health certificate.

How many pets can I travel with Volaris?

Every passenger is allowed to carry two pets in the cabin, but in case if they want to carry more pets, then they have to send their pet with checked baggage or cargo.