How do you change your name on Spirit flight tickets?

How do you change the name on a Spirit Airlines ticket?

Spirit Airlines will provide flexibility during the changes in flight details on the airline flight ticket, such as the name change process; in the case, by mistake, you have an error in your name, then you can change the name on Spirit Ticket by connecting with the customer service team at the toll-free number 844-989-7283, dial it. The team will provide you with better guidance so you can change your name without any hassle; however, if you cannot change your name through the helpline, then you can apply on the web, which is accessible and a better way to modify it. For both processes, you need valid identification to make it easier for the team to identify and rectify the error.

How do you correct misspelled names on Spirit Airlines?

You can correct the Spirit Airline misspelled name quickly through the web, and the procedure is mentioned below in steps for better understanding and clarity. Before applying for name correction, you need to have suitable documents so there is no delay during the security check after reaching the airport.

  • You need to move to the official page of Spirit Airlines.
  • After that, select the Manage Booking tab and enter the details.
  • Now, fill in the booking reference number and surname, and click continue. 
  • The panel will show you the flight details; under that, click the change button.
  • You can select the name change option and make a change, then match it with the identification card following that to confirm it.
  • Finally, you will receive a confirmation code message with your details.

What is Spirit Airlines' name change policy?

According to the Spirit Airlines name change policy, you change your name up to 2 to 3 letters for free of cost; on the other hand, if it is a whole name change, then you need to pay the fees according to the length of the name. You can change the name if it is a legal process, such as in case of divorce; you need to provide the details based on that, and further changes will be done free of cost.

According to the Spirit Airlines authority, you can change your surname but not the middle name. If you are an active member of our army, you can apply for the name change free of cost.

How much does Spirit Airlines cost to name change?

As per the rules, Spirit Airlines changes the name fee depending on the name and its length of time.s, the airline may check for legal purposes, and then the airline authority may ask for the documents, and based on that, you may charge suitable name change fees.

The fee structure also depends on the time of name change before the flight departure schedule. But in general, the airline further costs from around 119$ to 69$. The fees can be paid via different modes of payment portals.

Does Spirit Airlines require a middle name?

Yes, Spirit Airlines may require a middle name, but if you don't have a middle name, you can give your full name, including your first and last name. After making the necessary changes, you need to match the full name on your government-approved identification card so that you will not be late at the check-in counter and reach your terminal at the right time during your journey.

What happens if my name is wrong on the Spirit plane ticket?

The first thing you will face is the mismatch of your identification at the airport security area where you must be on time while checking in and catching your flight. It can waste your ample time to prove your identity. In that case, the spirit team has been flexible for you so that the reservation with slight misspellings or legal name changes is entitled to a free name change. You can contact the team via chat or helpline number 1-844-989-7283 for further assistance regarding the name change.

Can you change the name on Spirit Airlines' already booked flight?

Yes, you can change the name of Spirit Airlines. You. You already booked a flight;  you must log in with your credentials. Based on that, you will see the name change option on the page. Put the real identity and make the changes. You can update, change, or edit the name. Following that, you may charge for the changes.

Why do Spirit Airlines not allow name changes?

Sometimes, Spirit Airlines does not allow name changes, which can be a legal reason, such as marriage or divorce, for which you need to connect with the airline team at the toll-free number 1-855-728-3555 first, and then the request will be processed. The other reason may be that it only allows minor changes up to 3 to 4 characters. 
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