How Many Bags Does Delta Let You Take?

How many bags can you bring on a Delta flight?

If your flight is operated by delta or delta shuttle, you can carry up to 10 checked bags per passenger on the journey. If you are on the delta connection carrier flight, you can board up to 4 checked bags on the journey.

What is delta's baggage fee?

To travel with delta airlines, you need to know about the charges for the baggage. Hence, the following are delta baggage fees for the journey:

  • For the first standard checked bag under 23 kg or 50 lbs each way, you need to pay $30 USD.
  • For the second checked bag under the 23 kg or 50 Lbs, each way, you will be charged 40 USD.

How many bags can you take on a Delta flight for free?

Every passenger traveling with delta airlines can take one carry-on and one personal item free of charge. Also, if you are a frequent flyer member, you can take on the checked bag at no extra charge, as the fees will automatically be waived.

What is delta's checked baggage policy?

When you travel with delta airlines, you need to be prepared about the checked baggage requirements. Hence, the following are some points regarding the delta baggage policy that you can read:

  • The checked baggage size must be under 62 inches or 158 cm in total length, width, and height.
  • You need to pay $30 USD for the first standard checked bag that must be under 50 lbs or 23 kg.
  • If you have the second checked bag, you need to pay $40 USD each way for under 50 Lbs or 23 kg.
  • Delta allows the first checked bag free for the sky miles or American Express card members.
  • The checked bag's price for each way depends on the route and fare class.

Do you get a free checked bag with delta?

To gain the benefit of card membership, you can check the first bag free of cost with delta airlines. Also, delta allows the free checked bags to the frequent flyer member to board the flight in no hurry.

How many checked bags does delta allow?

If you are bringing the checked bags, you can read some guidelines related to the maximum number of bags you can carry that are mentioned below:

  • For the delta or delta shuttle airlines, you can carry up to 10 bags per passenger on the travel each way.
  • For the delta connection carrier flights, up to 4 bags per passenger are allowed in the journey with delta airlines.

Do you get 2 free bags with delta?

Silver medallion members who acquire the delta sky-miles American express card can take the two bags for free at 70 Lbs. Or 32 kg for the journey within US and Canada. The baggage size must not exceed the total length, width, or height of 62 inches or 157 cm. You can also see all the requirements available at the website of delta airlines.

How much is 3rd bag on delta?

If you are going to carry the third checked bag on your journey, you need to pay $150 with delta airlines. The entire length, weight, and height of the bag must not exceed 50 Lbs. 

Is a backpack a personal item delta?

A backpack is considered a personal item or carry-on luggage on the travel with delta airlines. The backpack must be under 20 inches x 15 inches x 11 inches in total for the journey. The personal item needs to be fitted underneath the travel seat.

Does delta basic economy allow carry-on?

If you are flying with the basic economy at delta airlines, you are allowed to board the flight with carry-on luggage. It no longer exceeds the 22 x 14 x 9 inches in total for travel with delta airlines.

How much cost does delta charge for international baggage?

If you take a flight outside the united states with delta airlines, then you need to pay the checked baggage fees. The first checked bag fees will be $30 USD, and the second checked bag fees will be $40 USD under 50 Lbs or 23 kg.

How many bags are free on delta international flights?

For the international destination, delta one, delta premium select, and first-class can board up to two checked bags for free. One free checked bag is allowed for the economy passengers with delta airlines to some international destinations.

Does delta give free checked bag on international flight?

Yes, delta gives free checked bags on the international journey. Two free checked bags are allowed to travel within US and Canada. In addition to this, one free standard checked bag are come under the delta baggage allowance international for the travel. You can also go through the international delta baggage online at their website.

How many bags can you check on delta international?

If you want to carry the checked bags on the travel, you must adhere to the maximum number of bags you can carry. You can check up to 10 bags per passenger on the international travel that must be measured in linear inches. For the delta connection flight, you can take up to 4 bags on the journey.

Does delta charge more to check bags at the airport?

Delta will not charge extra to check the bags at the airport, but you need to pay the average cost for the journey. The fees for the first checked bag at the airport are $30 USD and $40 USD for the second checked bag. The fees will apply to the bags that weigh up to 50 lbs and measure 62 inches in total.

How early can you check bags for delta international?

You are allowed to check the bags for your international journey within 24 hours of the actual departure. You need to notify delta airlines through check-in about the number of carry-on and checked bags in the travel. You need to make the payment for the extra luggage if any and complete the process. You can check the bags online at the website of delta airlines.

Also, you can connect with the customer service team of delta airlines to learn more about the baggage.