How can I get in touch with Air Canada quickly?

How do I easily get in touch with Air Canada?

Air Canada customer service is highly efficient and accessible for passengers through several modes. For pre and post-booking queries or to contact Air Canada customer service, please read the modes described below:

On the phone call: When you have queries with Air Canada that need to be resolved immediately, just dial 1-888-247-2262 and get in touch with Air Canada customer service quickly on call.

If there is a requirement for special assistance service, then calling is also the best way to connect for assistance. You can speak to an Air Canada representative. To call Air Canada's toll-free number, try the easy steps below:

  • Dial Air Canada's contact number: 1 888 247-2262.

  • If you're still having difficulties, then please call us at 1-802-397-9105 so that we can assist you.

  • The call will begin with an IVR. 

  • First, choose the preferred language to communicate.

  • Press the specified number for the query or request.

  • You can also take the option of speaking to an Air Canada person to clarify your doubts.

On Live Chat: Air Canada has a live chat service for the convenience of passengers to reach customer service. If your call is not connecting or there is an urgent issue, try the live chat mode in the following way:

  • Reach

  • Click on the customer support tab on the homepage

  • Click on the chat icon 

  • Here you will get a chat window on the screen

  • Enter your question on the chat window and click on the send sign.

  • A customer service person will reply immediately with the answers.

  • You can continue the conversation on a live chat session till the queries are resolved.

On social media: If you wish to get a prompt response from customer service, try to connect through the social media handles of Air Canada. Visit the following pages to convey the queries:

  • Facebook: for general and urgent queries

  • Twitter: for complaints and reviews 

Social media handles are also useful for getting updated information on deals and offers from the airline.

Hence, to reach Air Canada customer service quickly, please go through the above-illustrated modes and get the appropriate assistance.

How do I contact Air Canada by phone?

You can contact Air Canada by phone through an Air Canada phone number 800 040 1885 that has been provided by the airline authority so that you can get access to the professional airline customer service team. The team will provide you with every kind of help regarding the basic facilities, such as food, meals, entertainment, priority check-in, reservations, and many others. The phone number is available 24 hours and seven days. It provides you with a language option so you can communicate in a suitable language for better understanding, and doubts can be cleared without any hassle.

How do I connect to Air Canada customer service?

As a passenger, you may need to contact Air Canada customer service to resolve several queries and requests. You can get in touch with them by calling 1-888-422-7533 and get the required assistance immediately.

Whereas, Air Canada has created numerous ways through which a person can contact customer service. Read below to choose your preferred way of contact:

Via phone: Suppose you have booked Air Canada tickets and thereafter want information on the special assistance services or other onboard services. You can reach Air Canada's contact number and discuss your concerns in the simple steps explained hereon:

  • Call on Air Canada's toll-free number, 1 888 247-2262

  • The IVR will provide you with instructions on knowing the numbers related to your queries and requests

  • You can also choose the given option to connect with a customer service person for immediate assistance.

Via online chat: You can try to communicate with a customer service person through text messages of your queries on a live chat window provided on the official website. The Air Canada customer service person will instantly reply to the messages and guide you accordingly.

Via email: If you want to send an email to Air Canada customer service, go through the steps mentioned below to add yourself as a passenger to the  Air Canada customer service email for detailed information:

  • Visit the official website of Air Canada

  • Go to the customer support page

  • Click on “send us an email.”

  • Fill out the email form with relevant details and your registered email address

  • Submit the form

  • You will receive an email from Air Canada for further communication.

Via social media handles:  To get a quick response from Air Canada customer service on the queries and issues, you can send the message through the social media pages that are enlisted below:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

Via contact form: Air Canada has given a contact form for passengers to fill out and submit with their suggestions, complaints, and other queries. To get the feedback form, do the needful.

  • Visit

  • Find the page with customer contact details

  • Enter your personal and travel information

  • Type the message

  • Submit the form after completion

  • Air Canada customer service will get back to you in a short while with complete information on the queries.

Download the app: You can download the Air Canada app on your mobile device and log in to the account with your email and password to receive the latest updates from the airline and additional ways to connect with customer service.

Therefore, Air Canada customer service can be reached by the passengers through either of the ways explained above for inquiries on flights and tickets.

Is Air Canada customer service available 24 hours?

Yes, Air Canada customer service is open 24 hours a day on all 7 days a week to attend to the calls from passengers regarding their concerns and give them needed assistance and information. You can call Air Canada's customer care toll-free number anytime.

How do I contact Air Canada within 24 hours?

You can contact Air Canada 24 hours through an easy call process and connect you directly to the customer service executive. The executive will provide you with the right kind of guidance so that you can complete your task thoroughly. You can follow the call process mentioned below, follow it, and get in touch with the airline personnel.

  • You can visit the official portal of Air Canada.
  • Go under the customer support section and click on contact information.
  • Now, on the page, choose the Call Us tab, and the page will show you the number.
  • Dial the Air Canada Contact Number 800 040 1885 and get in touch with the IVR instructions; follow the instructions, and you will automatically connect with the customer service representative.
  • At last, you are able to talk with the representative regarding your issue. 

What are Air Canada customer service hours? 

Air Canada customer service hours may differ in different countries. However, in the USA and Canada, customer service is available 24/7 to resolve passengers' issues and concerns.

What is the customer service number for Air Canada?

To know the air Canada toll-free numbers to reach customer service, please refer to the numbers mentioned below:

  • USA: +1 888 247-2262

  • United Kingdom: (0800) 756-3865

  • Australia: 1 514 393 3333

  • UAE: 971 4 2112 537

When can I call Air Canada?

You can call Air Canada customer service at 800 040 1885 anytime from Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day. The airline authority will help you with every kind of inquiry. During these hours, feel free to connect with customer service and get all the necessary help with complete solutions.

How do I contact Air Canada for a refund?

You can contact Air Canada customer service for a refund by connecting with the airline team via helpline number 1-888-247-2262. After dialing the number, you will connect with the live person and then provide your booking details (booking reference number and last name) on the basis that the respective person will go through your bookings and register your refund claim request. Further, the team will process your refund and provide it to you in 7 working days.

What is the phone number for the Air Canada reschedule?

You have booked your flight with Air Canada for your trip, but due to a sudden emergency, you need to postpone your trip. Then, in that case, you can reschedule your flight by connecting with the executive at the Air Canada reschedule number 1-888-247-2262 to provide your booking information. After that, the respective person will reschedule your flight with an alternate flight, but anyhow, you need to pay the service charge as well as the fare difference.

What is the phone number for Air Canada special assistance?

Air Canada always cares about their passengers in every case. If you are suffering from mobility issues or are specially abled, then, in that case, the airline has arranged a special assistance team who will provide you with complete help so that you will not face any problems. You can get direct support from the team through the Air Canada special assistance number, 1-888-334-7717, which is available to connect you with customer service anytime you face some inconvenience during your flight process.

What is the toll free number for Air Canada baggage?

You are traveling with Air Canada and successfully reached your destination, but somehow, at the airport, you are unable to get your baggage, and it is delayed. You need to connect with the team to find your luggage; then the direct way is to communicate with the baggage team via the Air Canada toll-free number 1-888-689-2247. After dialing the number, you need to provide your baggage details on the basis of that your baggage claim request will be submitted and get your baggage tracking number on the basis of that you can get the update of your luggage.

What is the phone number for Air Canada rebooking?

You can rebook your flight with the Air Canada customer service team and rebook your flight according to your convenience. While rebooking, the fees may vary that have to be paid through different modes of payment gateways. You can get help from the team regarding the costs via Air Canada rebooking number 1-888-247-2262. The number will connect you with the expert team, who will rebook a suitable flight. The convenient fees will also be charged as per customer service.

How do I contact Air Canada to change my flight?

You can change your details on the Air Canada flight ticket related to personal information, trip details, etc. These details can be modified on the basis of your valid document so that there is no hassle while traveling. The airline team will contact you via Air Canada change flight number 1-888-247-2262. After that, ask you for the details and get ready with your documents so that it can be easier for the airline to verify the details and then change them quickly with complete and correct information.

What is the Air Canada seat selection phone number?

You can travel with greater comfort if you have opted for the seat at Air Canada, and that can be possible quickly if you have an assistant team that can provide you with the right type of guidance so that you can select a suitable seat for your journey. First of all, connect with the Air Canada seat selection number, 1-888-247-2262, and then provide your travel details so the live person will let you know the available seat options. Select the seat and get your seat on your ticket.

 What is the number for Air Canada reservations?

To make new bookings or obtain information on flights for existing reservations, place a call at Air Canada Reservation Number +1 (888) 247-2262 and receive the desired information on your scheduled Air Canada flight.