How Can I Get in Touch With Malaysia Airlines?

How Do I Get in Touch With Malaysia Airlines?

There are different ways to get in touch with Malaysia Airlines. You can call the Malaysia Airlines customer service contact number at 1 300 88 3000, or +603 7843 3000 or use the path of live chat. The executives will be there to fix your issue without delay. You only need to ensure that you adhere to the detailed information. 

Via call:

  • Dial-up on Malaysia Airlines 24-hour contact number 1 300 88 3000. 

  • Now you'll come across the IVR menu. 

  • From the menu, you need to make a selection of the options which are connected to your issue.

  • Your call will be moved to a human. 

  • You only need to explain the problem.

  • The executive is going to ensure that your query is going to be fixed in a short time. 

There are also other alternative ways to connect with the customer service of Malaysia Airlines. You can use the medium social network or call. Once you have used any of these means, your issue will be sorted. 

Via social network:

Social networks are indeed beneficial. You only need to open a verified account with Malaysia Airlines. Then you can send the message to the verified statement. 

  • Log in to any social network.

  • Now open the verified account. 

  • To find the verified account, search "Malaysia Airlines." 

  • Once the search is over, you'll see the verified account with a blue tick. 

  • Send the message to the verified statement. 

How do I contact Malaysia Airlines? 

To contact Malaysia Airlines it's highly recommended to dial Malaysia airline's contact number 1 300 88 3000 or +603 7843 3000. Calling would be the most effective way to get in touch with the executive. Besides it, you can use any medium provided below.

Via email 

Email is going to provide different benefits to you. For that, you need to ensure that you have gone through the steps provided below. Once you have correctly composed the email, then you'll be able to get the right help. 

  • Write up the description of your query. 

  • Once you have written it, mention the contact details on which you want customer service to contact you. 

  • Attach the relevant documents. Once you have attached documents, your email will undoubtedly get much more weightage. 

  • Send the official email address. 

That is it. The executive from the customer service team is going to make sure that you get the right help soon. 

Via live chat: 

Yes, you can connect with the help of the live chat. You only need to make it certain that you have gone along the easy and detailed information below. 

  • Visit Malaysia Airlines' official website. 

  • Choose the "Contact us" button. 

  • Once you have chosen the button, then click the live chat option. 

  • Make the selection of the options relevant to the issue you have. 

  • Your chat will be moved to the person trained to handle your query. 

  • Now you only need to explain the problem you're facing. 

What documents do I need to enter Malaysia? 

Two documents are mandatory to carry with you. Only then you'll be able to enter Malaysia Airlines. Documents are mentioned below. 

  • It will help if you carry your passport for verification. 

  • Malaysian immigration issued card (IKAD). 

As per Malaysian Law, you must ensure that you have carried these two documents. Then you're not going to face any issues in entering Malaysia. However, you can even bring your other photo ID. 

How long can I stay in Malaysia without a visa?

A social visit pass will be issued if you're heading to Malaysia for business or tourism. That way, you'll be able to stay in Malaysia for up to ninety days. However, usually, you don't need a visa to visit Malaysia. Visitors from some countries can get permission to stay up to three months. For more information, you can always phone up on the Malaysia airlines contact number.