How Do I Check-in for VivaAerobus?

How Can I Check-In for a VivaAerobus Flight?

Whenever a passenger plans to visit their desired destination by the airlines, they have to go through a check-in process. The check-in process is quite essential as it will give the passenger their boarding pass, and getting the boarding pass means the official airline representatives verify the passengers' documents and their luggage is according to their baggage policies. 

If the passengers are traveling with the VivaAerobus, they can avail of many benefits like a refund on bookings, deals, offers, etc. The officials of VivaAerobus provide their passenger's many options to make the check-in procedure. If you want to know the details about this, you need to read below. 

How do I check-in for VivaAerobus?

If the passenger is traveling with the VivaAerobus, then they will get many ways to make their check-in procedure complete, and the different ways are mentioned below 

  1. Online check-in
  2. Airport check-in
  3. Kiosk check-in 
  4. Mobile check-in 

What is the Vivaaerobus check-in policy?

Some passengers are traveling first time with VivaAerobus, and because of this, they do not have the complete information about the check-in policies of VivaAerobus. Those passengers need to read the below-mentioned statements to get detailed information. 

  • Suppose the passenger makes the booking from the official website of the VivaAerobus airlines and goes to any international destination. In that case, they can make the check-in before 48 hours of flight departure and ends before 1 hour of flight departure. 

  • If the passenger is traveling to any domestic destination, then the process of check-in starts within 24 hours of boarding time and ends before 45 minutes of departure time. 

  • If the passenger reaches the check-in counter after the check-in time, they cannot make the check-in, but If the passenger is late due to some genuine reason, they will make the check-in. 

  • Suppose the passenger is making a check-in at the airport. In that case, they have to show the official documents and the baggage according to their seat type, etc., to the official representative of VivaAerobus.

  • If the passenger makes the check-in and after that, the flight is delayed, then the passenger will be able to get complete care at the airport from the officials of the VivaAerobus.

  • If the passenger makes the bookings from the officials of the VivaAerobus airlines, then they have to contact them to check-in. 

  • If the passenger wants to make viva Aerobus check-in online, they can do it before 72 hours.

How do I check into my flight with Viva Aerobus? 

Passenger will get many ways to make the check-in and gets the boarding pass, and kiosk check-in is one of them. It is the most significant way to complete the check-in procedure, and if the passenger's area at the airport wants to avoid a long queue at the boarding counter, then they can make the check-in by kiosk process. Passengers need to check the machine and fill out the passenger, luggage, and flight details. By doing this, they must confirm the details and get the boarding pass. 

What is Web check-in Viva Aerobus?

Web check-in is the procedure by which passengers can make the check-in online and get their boarding pass. Passengers can do the web check-in from anywhere, and they can avoid the rush as well. The web check-in procedure starts before the 72 hours of boarding time and ends before 3 hours for all the international flights. If the passenger wants to make web check-in for the domestic flight, they can do it before 48 hours of boarding, which ends 2 hours before flight departure. 

Can you check-in online with Viva Aerobus? 

Yes, the passenger can make the web check-in by following the below mention procedure. 

  • First, open the search engine and visit the official website of VivaAerobus airlines.
  • Next, you need to click on check-in from the right side of the screen 
  • Further, you need to fill out the passenger's last name and booking reference number and submit the details. 
  • Following this, all your bookings will open; you need to select the booking in which you want to make the check-in. 
  • Next, you need to fill out the details of the luggage. Suppose you want to add something to your bookings like additional luggage, special facilities for disabled passengers, passengers traveling with pets, children flying alone, etc. In that case, you can do it from there. 
  • After this, you have to save the change, and if any payments are required, pay the charges by using a card or other online modes. 
  • Further, you need to click on the check-in and download the boarding pass; you will receive a confirmation message of making check-in successfully on your provided contact details.

What terminal is Viva Aerobus in?

The terminal of VivaAerobus changes according to the international and domestic destinations, but mostly VivaAerobus prefers terminal 1 for all their flights except O'Hare Airport; for this, VivaAerobus chooses the terminal number 5 for their flights. 

How do I get a VivaAerobus boarding pass?

The passenger will get the boarding pass after completing the check-in process. If the passenger finds it challenging to get their boarding pass by the online procedure, they can also get their boarding pass from the airport. Passengers need to visit the airport and go to the desk of VivaAerobus airlines; after this, they need to tell the representative to check-in. Then the passenger needs to give the representative all the relevant documents like flight tickets, official ids of the passengers who are going, flight details, etc. Last, the representative will verify the details and provide passengers with their boarding passes. Passengers need to remember that they can also make the check-in before the 40 minutes of flight departure. 

How much is a checked bag on Viva Air? 

The passenger can carry the baggage according to their seat type and weight of the baggage. If the passenger does not have the premium membership card or miles, they have to pay the viva Aerobus checked baggage fee between 30SUD to 40USD for every checked bag if the flight goes to any domestic destination. If the passenger travels to any domestic destination, they must pay 25USD to 35USD. The passenger can only carry that bag whose dimensions are according to the baggage policies of VivaAerobus. 

Can I check in with the mobile application of VivaAerobus? 

Yes, the passenger makes check-in procedure using the mobile application of VivaAerobus airlines. Passengers need to open the mobile app and then the check-in section. They have to fill out the booking details and verify them; if you want to make changes to the bookings, like add something to the bookings or remove some things from the reservation, you can do it. Last you will have to click on check-in, and you will receive the boarding pass on the mentioned contact number and registered email id. 

As mentioned earlier, you will know about the viva Aerobus check-in fee. Still, suppose if you have any concerns left, you can also contact the official representative of VivaAerobus airlines. These representatives are available 24 hours so you can contact them anytime without paying any charges.