How Do I get a refund from Copa Airlines?

How can I claim a refund from Copa Airlines?

Copa airlines allow their passengers to get a refund of their flight ticket with Copa Airlines. The airline serves domestic as well as international flights to passengers across the world. There is a simple process that is needed to be followed to claim the refund of your refundable unused flight ticket with Copa Airlines.

The process to get the refund from Copa Airlines

To initiate the process of refund, you have two options. You can do it online from the website of Copa Airlines or by calling the airline's customer service number 1 786 840 COPA (2672).

Online process of getting a refund

  • Get onto the official website of Copa Airlines and scroll down to reach the bottom of the page.

  • Select the ‘Contact us’ option given there and click on it. You’ll get redirected to the contact us page.

  • Once you get redirected to the contact us page, there will be an option for a refund.

  • When you click on the refund option, a new page appears on the screen where there will be two ways mentioned to utilize your refund. 

  • You can either click on ‘KEEP MY TICKET AND PLAN FOR LATER.’ In that case, the airlines will allow you to cancel your flight ticket and rebook it for the future.

  • The other option will be ‘APPLY FOR REFUND,’ where you have to apply for the refund directly through Copa Airlines.

  • After that, enter your PNR number in the given space and press continue.

  • On the next page, you have to select the number of passengers for which the ticket was booked.

  • In the third step, fill in all the details to make the request for the refund.

  • In the fourth and fifth steps, you have to do the verification and make a confirmation for the same.

  • Once the process is complete, you’ll receive a mail on your registered mail address with the airlines.

What is Copa Airlines’ refund policy?

The refund policy of Copa Airlines was made by keeping in mind the comfort and need of the passengers. The airlines also understand that an emergency can knock on your door anytime.

  • As per Copa airlines' refund policy states that the flight ticket refund is subject to the airline's fare rules.

  • The products and optional services provided by the airlines are non-refundable, except for the exclusions per the products' terms and conditions.

  • If the flight ticket is non-refundable, in that case, the ticket amount can be used for future booking, but the airlines will not initiate any refund.

  • A partially used ticket is refundable as per the fare rules and if there is a delay of 3 hours in the departure of connecting flight.

  • If there is a delay of four hours in the scheduled departure of your flight, in that case, the passengers will be liable to get a complete refund on the cancellation.

  • In the event of the death of the passenger, the airlines will provide a complete refund. However, a copy of the death certificate is required to be presented.

  • If the cancellation of your flight ticket were made by the airlines in that case as well, you’d be liable to get a complete refund of your flight ticket.

How long does it take to get a refund from Copa?

As per the rules of the airlines, it will take up to 20 days for the refund to get initiated on your flight ticket. Moreover, if the airlines cancel a flight ticket, the passengers are allowed to rebook their flight ticket within those 20 days.


How do I check the status of my Copa refund?

If you want to check your flight ticket in that case, you can call the Copa airlines refund phone number 1 786 840 COPA (2672) to know the status of our flight ticket with the airlines. But if you want to know the flight status on the website of the airlines, then the given steps are required to be followed.

  • Get onto the official website of Copa Airlines and select the service option from the top tab.

  • After getting onto the tab, select the ‘refund request’ option from the drop-down menu.

  • Once you get onto the refund request page, they will show you the refund status that you have initiated for your canceled flight.

Does Copa Airlines offers full refund? 

Yes, the airlines offer a complete refund of the flight ticket if the cancellation of the ticket was made according to the rules given as follows.

  • If the cancellation of the flight ticket was made within 24 hours of the flight booking, then there will be a complete refund on the cancellation of the flight ticket. However, the tickets are required to be booked at least one week before the scheduled departure.

  • If the cancellation was made by the airlines, then also they will provide the customers with a complete refund.

  • If the passengers cancel their flight tickets due to denied boarding, the airline is liable to compensate them with a complete refund.