How Do I Submit a Claim to Lufthansa?

How Can I Submit a Claim Form to Lufthansa?

Are you here to know how to submit a claim? If you recently had a flight booking and experience a bad journey in Lufthansa then below are the following procedures to submit the claim. 

Here is the easy method that helps you to submit a claim to Lufthansa. 

  • Firstly, you have to go to the official website of Lufthansa. 

  • Then, you will see the form you must fill out about yourself and the reason for your claim. 

  • After that, you have to submit or fill out your boarding pass and passport copy. 

  • Lastly, sign the claim online.

Lufthansa pays their compensation by cheque, bank transfer, and gift card. If you want the gift card as your compensation then allow them otherwise they will pay cash also. 

How do I request compensation from Lufthansa?

If you want to request compensation from Lufthansa then they provide you with some options, via calling or online. If you select the calling option, search for the Lufthansa compensation contact from the website. 

If you want to know how to get compensation online then follow the below-given steps:-

  • By accessing the official website of Lufthansa, you can request compensation. 

  • Now, you have to fill in all the information on your tickets like the reservation number and the passenger's last name. 

  • Then, you can send your compensation request from Lufthansa. It has to be accepted to get your compensation.

  • Lastly, you will get your compensation on your provided payment mode. 

How do I claim compensation from Lufthansa? 

If you want to claim compensation when your flight is delayed, missing, or overbooked the flight. Then you can contact the customer service representative to request the claim compensation. They are 24/7 available in the live chat, calls, and other social media handles. 

Live chat- you can claim the compensation on live chat, following the below steps:-

  • Go to the official website of Lufthansa then open your account by entering the correct credential there. 

  • Then, search for the live chat open and click on chat now. 

  • Now, you can directly claim compensation from Lufthansa. 

Call- the Lufthansa customer service are also on the call to resolve their customer issues. Below are the steps to follow:-

  • Open the website of Lufthansa and search for the customer service call option. 

  • You will get the official number from there.

  • Now, directly connect with them and troubleshoot all the issues or claim the compensation. 

Social media- This is the best way to connect with their services. There they provide all the updates related to their Lufthansa Airlines. Below are the following links that directly connect with their social media handle.





How long does Lufthansas's compensation take?

The compensation process depends on the mode of payment. If you book your flight ticket and make the online payment then it will take 7 business days to refund. And if you book the flight by making payment through cash or cheques then it takes 20 days for compensation. 

In some cases, it takes more than 1-2 months and everything depends on the process or your flight ticket bookings. 

How do I complain to Lufthansa UK?

If you want to complain about Lufthansa UK for experiencing bad service then here are some ways that you can connect with them and complain. You can contact them through their official website, email, and phone number.


Official website- You can report any complaints related to Lufthansa on their official website. Follow the steps to know how to report a complaint n their website:-

  • Initially, you have to open the official website of Lufthansa UK. 

  • Now, you have to sign your account. 

  • Go to the homepage and search for the chat now option and fill out the Lufthansa compensation form directly with them. 

  • Lastly, they will contact you and resolve all the issues.

Email- You will get their official mail id from their official UK web page and click on the contact us option. You have to verify whether the email id is registered or not. This is the best way to connect with them or complain about your issues. 

Phone number- It is the best way to connect with them if you want a quick response. You will get their customer service phone number on the website. Or you can also dial the UK Lufthansa contact number +44-371 945 9747* and resolve all the issues. 

Hopefully, all the details or information mentioned above will be useful for you or the other passengers.  If you have any other issues in the future then visit this article again or this official website.