How can I select my seat on Spirit Airlines?

How can I pick my seat on Spirit Airlines?

Traveling can be comfortable and fun if you travel in your favorite seat. Spirit Airlines provides multiple options for selecting your seat. Passengers can select their seats while booking the flight tickets, after booking, and at the airport. Seat selection can be done via any of these processes.

All of the ways to select your seat have been explained below:

Select a seat with Spirit at the time of booking:

If you are in the process of booking your flight and you want to select your seat at the same time and secure your favorite seat. Then, please go through the steps:

  • While you are booking your flight ticket, you will come across the option of add-ons; click on it.
  • After that, look for seat availability and select it.
  • View the seat map, check the price of the seats, and select your favorite seat.
  • Pay the fees, and your seat will be confirmed.

How do I select seats on Spirit after booking?

Spirit Airlines provide facilities to their passengers that, they can select their comfortable seat even after the booking. If they have missed or forgot to select a seat during the reservation. To choose their favorite seat passengers can follow these steps.

  • Make sure to open the official website of Spirit Airlines.
  • Then go to My Trips, located at the top right panel of the website.
  • If you have an account on Spirit Airlines, then log in using the credentials.
  • And if you don't have an account in the My Trips box, fill in your flight ticket's last name and confirmation code. 
  • Select your flight, and on the add-on section, click on seat selection.
  • Choose your favorite seat and pay for it. 
  • Soon you will receive your boarding pass along with the seat confirmation.

What is the Spirit Seat Selection Policy?

You should definitely take a sneak peek into the seat section policy of the airline before heading to selecting a seat. Awareness about the Spirit Airlines seat selection policy can help passengers to avoid chaotic situations.

The seat selection policy are as follows:

  • Passengers can purchase their seats through online check-in up to 1 hour and 30 minutes before the departure.
  • Passengers must select their seats before the check-in process.
  • Airlines have the full authority to change or cancel the seat selected at the emergency gates.
  • Old-aged persons, unaccompanied minors, and pregnant lady should select their seats at the airport's check-in counter.

What type of seats does Spirit Airlines have?

Here is the various type of seats that sport airlines offer:

  • Standard Seats: These are the basic seats on the plane having standard legroom.
  • Big Front Seats: These spacious seats provide extra legroom and additional perks like priority boarding.
  • Exit Row Seats: Spirit offers exit row seats with more legroom. However, there are specific criteria to sit in these seats, including being physically able to assist in an emergency.
  • Regular Front Seats: Located behind the Big Front Seats, these seats offer more legroom than standard seats.
  • Aisle and Window Seats: These are standard seats along the aisle or window, depending on your preference.

Does Spirit charge for seat selection?

Yes, Spirit Airlines does charge for seat selection. Every passenger has to pay the seat selection fees if they want to avail of the services. The seat selection fee will be either included in your travel package or you must pay separately. There are a few ways to get free seats on Spirit Airlines. All of that has been listed down below.

How much does Spirit charge for seat selection?

The cost of selecting a seat on Spirit Airlines depends on the seat type and the flight's destination. Spirit Airlines seat selection prices for all the different types of seats offered by the airline are:

  • The price of seats can dramatically vary from $5 to $200 for the standard seats.
  • The price of a Big front seat, which has extra leg space, can range around $12 to $700, depending on the flight route.
  • Spirit Elite status members can select their seats free of cost.

Note:- Passengers who want to select a premium seat at a low cost can go for the bundle offers of Spirit Airlines. There are two types of bundles, 

  • Just for your bundle.
  • Bundle a combo.

You can look at which of the combo works the best for you and choose accordingly.

How does seat selection work on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines is a low-cost airline, and because of the airline's price point, passengers have to pay separately to select every service. Some important points regarding the seat selection on Spirit Airlines are:

  • Every passenger other than Spirit Elite status members have to pay for seat selection.
  • Passengers can select their seats anytime before check-in.
  • Passengers can select only three types of seats, standard seat, premium seat, and Big front seat.
  • Premium seats are at the emergency gate, so passengers below the age of 15, physically challenged persons, and pregnant ladies are not allowed to choose the premium seats.

Does Spirit let you bid on seats?

Yes! Spirit Airlines allows passengers to bid on seats; the airline uses Plusgrade to auction its most comfortable Big Front Seats and exit row seats via a program called Seatbid. On Spirit Airlines seat bid, you can submit a bid via the website and get acceptance notifications between 48-2 hours before departure.

How does the Spirit Airlines seat bid work?

You can bid for a seat on Spirit Airlines by following the steps listed:

  • Go to the seat bid page on SeatBid for Spirit Airlines.
  • Enter your confirmation number and last name, and click on Place an offer.
  • You can place a bid and make an offer to level up your seat.
  • If Spirit accepts your bid, you will get a notification on your registered email ID between 48 hours to 2 hours before the departure.

Does Spirit let you choose seats at check-in?

Yes, passengers can ask the staff at the check-in counter for their preferred seat. If the seats are available, the staff will assign your preferred seat to you. However, it is not certain that you will get a seat of your choice because the options are very few due to the fewer seats.

Does Spirit offer free seat selection?

Yes, Spirit Airlines offer free seat selection. There are many ways by which a passenger can opt for Spirit Airlines free seat selection, and they are:

  • Choose a bundle offer on Spirit Airlines that includes seat selection, check-in and carry-on baggage fees, shortcut boarding, flight flex, and many other offers. Passengers need to pay a certain amount for the bundle offer when booking their flight.
  • Look for free seats through the seat map at the time of selecting your seat. The airlines usually provide the seat map, and the price is also mentioned alongside.
  • Don't select your seat; the airline will automatically assign you a free seat at the airport.

What will happen if I don't select a seat on Spirit Airlines?

If you haven't selected your seat on Spirit Airlines and are about to check in for your flight, then Spirit Airlines select seats for their passengers randomly and free of cost. Sometimes the check-in staff asks the passengers if they have any preferences and tries to assign the seat according to availability.

Does Spirit automatically assign seats?

Yes, Spirit Airlines automatically assigns seats to the passengers. If a passenger has surpassed all the options to select a seat, the airline will randomly assign the seats to the passengers at the check-in desk. The airline doesn't guarantee to assign adjacent seats for the passengers traveling together.

Does Spirit charge for assigned seats?

No, Spirit Airlines assigned seats are not chargeable. These seats are the ones that haven't been selected by any passenger. It is the best way to grab a free seat. However, there are some backlashes. But it can work for you if you are traveling alone and don't have any seat preference.

How do I get the Spirit big front seat?

The big front seats are larger in the front of the plane. The big front seats have a 36" pitch and 18.5" width, and additional legroom with a full 6" compared to the standard deluxe leather seats.

To get the Spirit Airlines big front seat, you can purchase it when booking the flight ticket. In case you missed it, you can also book the big front seat later, based on availability, by visiting

Do you have to pay extra to pick a seat on Spirit?

Yes! Spirit Airlines generally assigns random seats when you check in. But if you want to choose a seat or select it during the booking, you must pay for it. Besides, the cost varies based on the seat's location, type, and other factors.

Where is the best place to sit on Spirit Airlines?

The best place to sit on Spirit Airlines is Big Front Seats. It is the best and most expensive seat selection offered by Spirit Airlines. The big front seats are larger and more comfortable, with extra legroom, than the standard airline seats in front of the plane.

How to get the best seats on Spirit Airlines?

To get the best seats on Spirit Airlines, here are a few steps you can follow:

  • Book Early: The best seats fill up quickly, so book your flight and select your seat as early as possible. 
  • Use the Seat Map: Spirit's online seat map allows you to see available seats on the plane and make informed choices.
  • Check-in Promptly: If you can't select a seat at the time of booking, check in online as soon as your check-in window opens to have a better chance of getting your preferred seat.