How to add TSA PreCheck on Delta App?

Does Delta use TSA PreCheck?

Yes, Delta Airlines provides the option of TSA precheck for travelers. Delta Airlines schedules air carriers for many travelers from one plane to other destinations worldwide. It is defined as prompt ways of security-initiated design checking, making their air journey more convenient. Passengers will go with dedicated security screening, and Delta TSA check-in is done only by security personnel. If any passengers apply for TSA and are selected by the team of Transportation Security Administration, they will make the passengers' air journey comfortable.

How can I add TSA pre-check to the Delta app?

Passengers apply for TSA precheck to save valuable time while walking to Airport security. Travelers can easily add precheck numbers, also called travelers' unique numbers, which Delta Airlines gives on their profile ID. They can add TSA precheck to the Delta app in the following ways.

  • Travelers can go to the official Delta Application. They can log in or sign in to their accounts with their mail ID and password.
  • They can add a known Traveler number to their profile with the help of an app. 
  • Click on the profile section, and travelers can see their names.
  • They can click on "Add" to secure flight information.
  • Again mention the KTN number and save it. TSA precheck will automatically be added to travelers' profiles.

Where do I get my TSA PreCheck number?

Travelers can quickly find a precheck number by login to their online registered accounts with TAS and visiting the "My profile" page. They can use the precheck number linked to their accounts directly at the time of security screening.

How can I add TSA Pre-Check to Delta after booking?

Passengers can reach Delta Airlines' official website after confirming ticket booking. They can find the flight reservation details on their official page and edit passengers' information which can be helpful for TSA precheck at the Airport. After doing all these steps, it will update their precheck details.

Does Delta automatically add TSA PreCheck?

No, Delta Airlines does not offer automatic TSA PreCheck for different travelers. They need to do it manually to avail of the facility TSA precheck and have a smooth air journey experience. When any passengers apply for it, and if they get approved by TSA, they can easily use precheck security at the Airport.

Can you add your TSA PreCheck after checking in?

No, travelers do not need to add TSA PreCheck after checking in. But if they have added, they will find a new boarding pass at the time of flight service. Also, the central importance of the TSA PreCheck Number for travelers is it provides expedited screening at the Airport.

Why is my TSA PreCheck not on my Delta boarding pass?

Usually, TSA precheck shows its number on the Delta boarding pass in case they have added it from the website. But, in some typical cases, like typo errors in travelers' names, wrong date of birth, and use of known Traveler numbers, do not allow them to get TSA precheck on my Delta.

They need to fill and read every detail of the essential airline profile cautiously, which does create issues for TSA Precheck at the time of screening.

So, travelers can use the KTN number during airport security screening as part of TSA Precheck.