Can I Change My Flight Date Ethiopian Airlines?

Can I Change My Flight Date With Ethiopian Airlines?

Yes, passenger can change their flight easily with Ethiopian Airlines through online and offline methods. So, here, in this article, you will learn the information about the flight change with Ethiopian Airlines. 

Can I change my flight date to Ethiopian Airlines?

Yes, you can change your flight date to Ethiopian Airlines. Moreover, if you are thinking about is it possible to modify your Ethiopian Airlines flight schedule for the date? So, “Yes,” you will quickly change your flight date with an Ethiopian Airlines flight ticket. In addition, you can modify your date by two methods: altering the date with a phone call and through the online method. 

How do I change my flight date on Ethiopian Airlines?

Suppose you are looking for how to modify the date at Ethiopian Airlines. Therefore, here you will get the steps of changing the date from the Ethiopian flight tickets. Follow both methods of changing the Ethiopian flight that are:

Change date at Ethiopian Airlines flight ticket via online method:

  1. Open the official website of Ethiopian Airlines on your device.

  2. Find the column “manage booking” on the home page of the airlines.

  3. Fill the column of the booking reference & your last name under the manage booking page.

  4. Search for the flight.

  5. Look for the reserved flight tickets; all details are available on your screen.

  6. Go to the settings and edit it and modify your date with the Ethiopian flight ticket. 

  7. Pay the fare for this and save your settings. And, you will receive the notification for this.

Modify your date at Ethiopian Airlines flight ticket by a phone call:

For this, a passenger can also modify their date from Ethiopian Airlines by,

Searching the Ethiopian airline's browser on your search engine>>> Find customer support on your device by scrolling to the end>>> Tap on the help & contact tab. There you will find the various contact information>>> select your region>>> you will access the phone number of Ethiopian Airlines to speak with the live agent of the airline. So, dial the Toll-free number 1-800 445 2733 over your phone, call on this number, and wait until it is converted into the IVR call method. Then, listen to all the options,

  • Press 1 to book the flight. 

  • To cancel the Ethiopian Flight ticket, press 2

  • Press 3 to get your payback

  • To reschedule the flight, press 4

  • Press 5 to know the travel status

  • Speak with the live agent at Ethiopian Airlines, press 7

So, press 4 to reschedule the flight, request the date change Ethiopian Airlines flight schedule, and the airline will change your date, and its notification will be sent on your phone.

What is Ethiopian Airlines' flight change policy?

The Ethiopian Airlines flight change policy will state you to modify your flight quickly. However, according to the procedure, there has a condition to change the Ethiopian flight that will help you in upgrading the flight free of cost and not. And, when will you reschedule your flight? So, here you will know more about it. 

  • Flight change with Ethiopian Airlines will not take any charge if you change your flight within 24 hours of booking.

  • In addition, you can’t make your flight change before 24 hours of departing the flight from Ethiopian Airlines.

  • You must pay the charges for flight modifications if you upgrade after 24 hours of reserving the seats at Ethiopian Airlines.

  • If you book your flight through the website, you can change your flight only. And on the other hand, you can modify your flight by customer service if you reserve your seat. 

  • Sometimes the airlines cancel your flight due to weather conditions, but you can change your flight free of cost.

  • Due to delaying the flight by more than 2 or 3 hours, the airlines will provide you the free cancellation and free flight change from Ethiopian Airlines.

  • Pay the charges for flight change up to $10 to $200 at Ethiopian Airlines.

  • If you have insurance with the airlines, you can freely change your flight at one time.

Can you reschedule the Ethiopian Airlines flight?

Yes, you can reschedule your Ethiopian Airlines flight quickly. In addition, you can reschedule your flight via the website and customer service. But you don’t know how to change flights on Ethiopian airlines? So, here are the steps to help you change the flight with Ethiopian Airlines. For this, you must go through it, 

Process of flight change

Follow the below-cited steps that are:

Flight modification with Ethiopian Airlines by the website: for this, you have to open your browser, 

  1. Search for the Ethiopian Airlines website.

  2. Find the manage booking and open it. Enter all the information of flight booking number & passenger’s last name available on the reserved ticket.

  3. Look for the reserved flight. 

  4. All the details on your screen 

  5. Edit your settings and make your changes according to yourself in your flight ticket. 

  6. And save it by paying the charges for the flight change. And further, you will receive a notification about it on your phone.

Change your flight by calling on 703 682 0570 and Toll-free at 1-800 445 2733. So, by calling on these numbers, the airline will transfer your call to the IVR method of calling. For this, you must listen to all options carefully,

  • Press 1 to choose the language.
  • Press 2 for flight booking
  • Press 3 to cancel the flight 
  • Press 4 for refunding back for canceled flight
  • Press 5 to change your flight 

Hence, press 5 to change the flight with Ethiopian Airlines. And, pay the charges if required, and the airline will send you the notification regarding your confirmation of upgrading the flight.

How much does Ethiopian Airlines charge to change flight dates?

There have no fees for Ethiopian Airlines flight date changes. It means you can easily modify your date without paying any fare. In addition, unlimited date changes will be allowed at Ethiopian Airlines. So, if you want to change the date, modify it accordingly.

How much does it cost to change a flight on Ethiopian Airlines?

For changing the flight on Ethiopian Airlines, you need to pay $10 to $200, according to the Ethiopian Airlines flight change policy. Here you will know more about it in detail:

  • For the Ethiopian route: you must pay $10
  • North American route: pay $200
  • For remaining the world: Ethiopian Airlines will take $100.

What happens if I miss my flight on Ethiopian Airlines?

If you miss your flight on Ethiopian Airlines, you can rebook or change your flight within 15 minutes of departing the flight from the departure. In addition, if a flight will cancel or you miss your flight, you are eligible for upgrading to the Ethiopian Airlines flight according to the Ethiopian Airlines missed flight policy.

Does Ethiopian Airlines offer free flight change?

Yes, Ethiopian Airlines offers free flight change. In addition, if you want to modify your flight, change your flight within 24 hours of booking. Also, you can upgrade your Ethiopian fight if you have insurance with Ethiopian Airlines. In addition, you will take a free change when your flight is delayed by 2 or 3 hours.

How many times can I change my Ethiopian flight?

Flight change may apply only once on an Ethiopian Airlines flight. Because of this, you cannot change your flight without the permission of the airlines. So, whenever you change your flight for free, change only once.

What if Ethiopian Airlines changes my flight?

If you're wondering, "What if Ethiopian Airlines changes my flight?" then the Ethiopian flight change policy covers the process of changing your name or date of flight. If your flight is changed, you can request a refund or change the flight date if you haven't paid yet. You can change your name and date of flight on the Ethiopian Airlines website, but you must cancel your entire trip before you travel.