How to Check in With Vueling Airlines?

How can I Check in With Vueling Airlines?

Vueling always understands every circumstance of the passengers and allows you to do the flight check-in online. With this, you can save crucial time and avoid the long queues at the airport. You have various options for Vueling airlines check-in and obtaining the boarding pass. You can read further and find all the online methods regarding flight check-in with Vueling airlines.

Through online:

You have the facility to check your flight online and get a boarding pass. There are two ways to proceed with the online check-in that is given below:

By purchasers email:

  • First, you need to open the Vueling airlines official website on your device.

  • Then, you can choose the online check-in option available on the home screen.

  • From there, you will see the check-in portal, where you need to choose the purchaser's email option.

  • With this, you need to add the booking code with your email id and tap on the go button.

  • You will see the booking details where you need to enter the type of seat and choose the location of your seat.

  • After that, you can add the bags you will carry on the travel and tap on the confirm button.

  • Vueling airlines will send you the confirmation message with the boarding pass at your registered email id.

By origin/destination:

Sometimes, you don't have the email id, and you need to do the check-in. For this, Vueling allows you to obtain the boarding pass through the origin or destination using the below steps:

  • On the official website of Vueling airlines, you need to proceed toward the online check-in option.

  • From there, you can select the option of origin/destination and enter the booking code.

  • With this, you need to enter the airport with travel dates and tap on the "go-to online check-in" option. 

  • You will find the booking details with Vueling airlines from which you need to choose the flight you want to check.

  • After that, you can select the preferred dates and add the relevant details of the number of bags on the journey.

  • When you successfully make the payment, if any, your online check-in will be completed, and Vueling will send you the confirmation message with the boarding pass at your registered email id.

What is the Vueling check-in policy? 

When you proceed for the check-in, you need to understand some terms and conditions related to the flight check-in that is given below:

  • Sometimes, you don't select the seats during the reservation, and Vueling allows you to choose your favorite seat subject to availability. You can do so seven days to one hour prior to the flight booking. 

  • If you are a member of Vueling plus, you can do the check-in one hour before the scheduled departure.

  • If you choose to check-in at the airport, you must reach the airport authorities 4 hours before the international flight departure and 3 hours before the domestic scheduled departure.

  • Some passengers who are unable to do the check-in online can proceed to the airport for the boarding pass.

What terminal is Vueling at Barcelona airport?

Different airlines are allocated to a particular terminal for arrival and departure. Therefore, Passengers traveling with Vueling airlines can proceed to terminal 1 at Barcelona airport. All the Vueling flights will depart from terminal 1 at Barcelona airport.

How long before a flight can you check in Vueling? 

Passengers who travel with Vueling airlines are always looking for check-in availability and time. Therefore the Vueling airlines check-in time starts from seven days till one hour before the departure. If you choose the airport or kiosk check-in, you can do so 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the international flight. In the domestic journey, you can proceed to the airport or kiosk check-in 3 hours prior to the scheduled departure. 

Do you have to check in online for Vueling? 

No, it is not mandatory to do the check-in with Vueling online. You can also select the other methods for check-in, such as kiosk and airport counter check-in and customer service. You must proceed with the boarding on time and go through the check-in deadlines accordingly. 

How early can I check my bags Vueling?

The number of bags in the travel is essential for every passenger to understand with Vueling airlines. You can check your luggage seven days to one hour prior to the scheduled departure. If you choose the airport check-in, you need to proceed 3 to 4 hours before the flight departure.

Do you get free hand luggage with Vueling?

Yes, below passengers traveling with Vueling can carry hand luggage free of cost:

  • The passengers traveling with Vueling airlines can carry one hand luggage or under-seat bag free of charge on the journey. 

  • The dimension of the hand luggage must not cross 40x20x30 cm.

  • This also includes the purchases done at the airport.

  • The hand luggage or shopping bag must fit appropriately under the seat in front of you and must not become an obstacle in the way.

  • Premium passengers with special needs can carry one hand luggage in a cabin at no charge, whatever fare they choose.

  • Customers who have the flight with optima, family, or time flex fares can board the second-hand luggage with no charges. The dimensions of the second luggage must be under 55x40x20 cm and weight up to 10 kg.

How much does Vueling charge for baggage?

Sometimes, you need to board the excess luggage with yourself on the journey. For this, you need to understand the charges for Vueling airlines check-in baggage through the below information:

  • You are allowed to board a maximum of one checked luggage in the journey of weight up to 32 kg per bag.

  • Once you cross the maximum luggage allowance of 32 kg, you need to pay 10.95 USD to 27.37 USD for each excess bag per kg. The exact charges for the excess luggage will depend on the type of bag and ticket type with Vueling airlines.