How can I use Air Canada eUpgrade credit?

What is Air Canada eUpgrade?

Air Canada gives direct services to several countries and is conscious of travelers' safety. With the help of Air Canada eUpgrade request, you can earn, redeem, and even share eUpgraded credits for a comfortable Business and Premium Economy Class Cabin. Also, while using the Air Canada eUpgrade, you have the chance to enhance the better flight journey experience. Normally, eUpgrade is earned by Aeroplan Elite members, and it can be further used on any flight of Air Canada, Air Canada Express, or even Air Canada Rouge. It also includes all the plane services when paid with points.

How to use my Air Canada eUpgrade credits?

When you are an active member of Aeroplan Elite Status, it will be easier for you to use the eUpgrade credits on Air Canada flight services. Depending on your requirements, you can either use eUpgrades one-way or only for some flight segments. Also, with the help of the necessary steps, you can use the eUpgrades on Air Canada's available services.

  • Initially, visit the Air Canada official page and click on Aeroplan from the top header to log into your accounts.
  • To retrieve the flight booking details, you can enter your correct booking reference and last name.
  • After that, you will further review the Cabin options that are available.
  • You can also check the number of credits required and applicable add-on fees and make a possible selection of your choice.
  • In case add-on fees are applied, you have to make specific payments. 
  • Once the payments are done, you will receive a confirmation of the request.
  • When clearance windows open properly, your upgrade will be confirmed with available space.
  • Finally, the required eUpgrade credit will automatically be removed from your official accounts.

How can I get Air Canada eUpgrade?

You can obtain Air Canada eUpgrade in many ways, and it completely depends on you which specific ways are used to avail of eUpgrades. However, some of the best methods are provided below through which you can apply for eUpgrade.

  • You can get eUpgrade from the online procedures, mainly through eUpgrade accounts open in new windows.
  • Contacting Air Canada reservation agents will also help you in finding the eUpgrades.
  • Similarly, you can also obtain the Air Canada eUpgrades when you Check in through the Online process, on a Mobile App, or at Kiosks Airport.

Also, to get the eUpgrade successfully, you should travel alone and request Business Class upgrades.

What is Air Canada eUpgrade Policy?

The eUpgrade works on some policies, and it actually decides when and how to request it while making any upgrades. However, some of the most important Air Canada eUpgrade rules are described herein as specific points, and you should refer to them at the time of making the request.

  • The eUpgrade, which is requested within 36 hours of actual flight departure, will be kept under the watch list observed and will be processed at the departure gate on the same flight date.
  • For all Air Canada/Air Canada Express/Air Canada Rouge flights, eUpgrades will be valid. You can request upgrades for Business Class, Premium Economy, and Premium Rouge Cabin.
  • As per the rules, eUpgrade will be accepted and valid until 23:59 GMT, the members' account's last expiry date.
  • When eUpgrades expire prior to your actual trip, you cannot request any upgrades on Air Canada using these credits.
  • You should always mention your Aeroplan number while making any upgrade request on the confirmed reservations.
  • On different flight bookings, two separate eUpgrades requests are necessary.
  • Two separate eUpgrade requests are necessary when the connection is around 10 hours in North America and up to 20 hours for Sun/International.
  • eUpgrades credits will be provided to you only within 72 hours of eligible activity completion. Permitted activities may be like going with benefits and crossing the eUpgrades threshold. 
  • If you have not upgraded with eUpgrades, you will receive all the credit in the member accounts.
  • When you apply eUpgrade add-on for the itinerary, you have to mention the complete credit card information.
  • Further, eUpgrades add-ons are non-refundable according to the given policy.
  • Waitlisted eUpgrades can be denied anytime before flight take-off.
  • eUpgrades requests are allowed only for Business Class Cabin Pets, and you cannot use them for extra seats for comfort. 
  • But, you cannot cancel the confirmed eUpgrades request through the online process and take the help of Air Canada reservation departments to resolve your problems.
  • For higher class upgrades at Air Canada with eUpgrades the original fare rules will be subjected accordingly.

How many Air Canada eUpgrade credits are required for an upgrade?

For any top-class services at Air Canada, it is important to know about the exact numbers of eUpgrade requirements. The average Air Canada eUpgrade credits required are based on several factors such as fare types, cabin class, actual distance to geographic markets, and Altitude status. For each Class, the eUpgrade credits are different and are discussed below in the points.

  • For Premium Flex Economy in North America and Sun destination: 11 eUpgrades credits are required, and the graph of requirements may change if you have more than 1,501 miles points.
  • Business Class in North American and Sun Destinations: The mileage requirement is in the range of 0 to 500 miles, 501 to 1500 miles, and 1500+ miles.
  • For Premium Economy and Business Class on international routes: Only 5000 and 5000+ miles are required to request through eUpgrades.

How Air Canada eUpgrade Credits and Add-ons are calculated?

It will be suitable for you when you calculate the exact eUpgrade credit and Add-ons requirements for convenient trips. You can get the exact required credit values by going with the Air Canada eUpgrade calculator and focusing on relevant shared steps. The correct eUpgrade calculations depend on the following points.

  • Type of Air Canada Cabin types like Business Class, Premium Economy, and Premium Rouge in which you are interested to upgrade.
  • Total travel distance you want to cover with the Air Canada flights.
  • eUpgrade and add-on values are also calculated by checking the geographic market, purchased fare, and its Altitude status.
  • Threshold eUpgrades after SQM surpassed or SQS threshold.

How do Air Canada eUpgrade credits work?

The eUpgrade credits that have the shortest periods are used as a priority. Also, you can check the eUpgrade credit requirements and the applicable clearance windows or go with the bid upgrade from the official page. You can even use the eUpgrades as Cash or for the Aeroplan award booking.

How can I get an upgrade with Air Canada?

There are various methods to get an upgrade with Air Canada flights of your choice. You can request Online upgrades from your eUpgrade accounts or reach the customer spokespersons through the Phone. Similarly, at the time of Online Check-in through a Mobile App or via Kiosks at the Airport. In case you are traveling alone on Air Canada flights and looking for Business Class upgrades, then use online or offline eUpgrade request.

How much do people bid for an Air Canada upgrade?

Air Canada also allows the bid price options to upgrade the seats to the higher Class of your choice. Initially, for the Air Canada upgrade bid, you must submit the highest possible offer in terms of the prices. Similarly, you should also highlight willing points that you would like to redeem to have an upgrade at Air Canada flights. Your bid upgrades will be accepted only when the options are available at the time of request raised.

How to Upgrade with Air Canada, when reservations with more than two passengers?

eUpgrades have some limitations, and you cannot request upgrades on Air Canada flights with the above methods. However, for the Air Canada upgrade Seat to more than two passengers, you should make the earlier request before the actual travel date or at the preferred Airport during Check-in. If you are a Status member of Air Canada, you can make advanced upgrade requests.

Also, when your companions or partners have different reservations, make an upgrade request at the Airport 3 before scheduled departure.

Can I use my eUpgrades for someone else?

Yes, according to the Air Canada upgrade conditions, you can use the eUpgrade credits for yourself and along with your partners if both are traveling on the same flight reservation. Also, Air Canada eUpgrades provide some flexibility when you are traveling with your companions on the same flight reservation together.

Does Air Canada eUpgrades expire?

Air Canada eUpgrade credit value is normally applicable for a single year and will be considered legal until 16th January of the upcoming year. So, check the eUpgrade validity when you want to upgrade requests on Air Canada flights. So, eUpgrades earned between January 1 to June 30 will expire on 16th January of the following years and similarly, eUpgrade credits earned between July 1 to 31 December will remain valid in the subsequent years.

Can travel using another member's eUpgrade Credits with Air Canada?

Yes, you can extend the eUpgrade Credits to any other members who do not have the same flight booking. But, you can use your eUpgrades for your members traveling only at the Airport on the travel date. So, Air Canada eUpgrades credits can be used by two persons, and before using it check the member's journey details.

So, eUpgrades credits can be used to upgrade the Cabin Class on Air Canada flights, and all the shared details give some ideas about how it works and its use before expiration.