What is Iberia Baggage Policy?

What is the baggage policy of Iberia?

If you flew with Iberia and are worried about the baggage, you must go through its baggage policy as below:

As per the  Iberia Airlines Baggage Policy, the maximum combined dimension ( L + W+ H) of a single piece of checked baggage allowed is around 158cm/62 in, including strap, wheels, and pockets.

The weight of checked baggage should not be more than around 50lbs/23kg. However, you can check-in for up to 70lbs/32 kg by paying an overweight fee.

The number of baggage you can carry for free depends on your fare class and destination. Besides, you must pay additional charges to carry additional baggage and excess weight (50lbs/23kg - 70lbs/32kg).

If you purchase baggage in advance, it will cost you 50 % cheaper than the rates at the airport.

It is advised to reach the airport at least 20 minutes before if you have excess baggage.

As per the Iberia Airlines Baggage Policy, the checked baggage allowance in most parts is as follows.

Economy class:-  No checked baggage allowed for Economy basics, 1 checked bag with a limit of 50lbs/23 kg for Economy Optimal and Economy Flexible.

Business Class:- You can carry two checked bags with a limit of 50lbs/23kg each in Business Class and three checked bags with a limit of 50lbs/23 kg each in Business Plus Class.

As per the baggage policy of Iberia, if your ticket indicates baggage allowance as 0pc, it means, as per your fare rule, you can't carry free baggage transport on hold.

What is Iberia Airlines Carry-on Baggage Policy? 

As per the carry-on baggage policy of Iberia airlines, you can carry one carry-on and one personal item with Iberia.

The airline confirmed that the baggage items must fit in the standard size.

You must place the carry-on bag /handbag/cabin bag in the overhead bin and personal accessories items under the seat in front of you.

If you travel with a lap infant, you can carry an extra bag for the baby that carries food, drink, and other essentials.

Carry-on Baggage allowance 

Economy/Premium Economy:  The Iberia cabin baggage allowance is one piece with a maximum combined dimension of 56 x 45 x 25 cm and one piece of personal accessory (handbag, laptop bag, briefcase, etc.) with a maximum dimension of 40 x 30 x 15 cm. The total weight must not exceed 22lbs/10 kg.

Business Class/ Business Plus: You can carry one piece of cabin bag/handbag with the maximum combined dimension of 56 x 40 x 25 cm and one piece of personal accessory (handbag, laptop bag, briefcase, portfolio) with a maximum dimension of 40 x 30 x 15 cm. The total weight must not exceed 31lbs/14 kg.

There are some exceptions as follows:- 

  • If you depart from the U.S., Business Plus passengers can carry only one cabin bag and one personal accessory.

  • If you depart from London, you cannot carry bags or other items that exceed 190 cm in length. Besides, Heathrow Airport also does not accept payment in cash.

  • If you travel on a Vueling-operated flight, you can carry one baggage piece on board, and it should not exceed size 55 x 40 x 20 cm and weight of 22lbs/10 kg.

Does Iberia weigh carry-on bags? 

Yes, Iberia does weight carry-on bags, and the allowance varies depending on class and destination. The standard rule is hand luggage includes 1 item, which does not exceed 56 x 40 x 25 cm, and  Iberia baggage allowance for international flights are 14 kg and two items for the long haul, except airport in the U.S.

Does Iberia allow free carry-on?

Yes, Iberia does allow free carry-on depending on classes. But there are some size and weight limitations that you need to fulfill. As per the standard rule, the maximum dimension per carry-on is 56 x 45 x 25 cm; it includes handles, wheels, and pockets.

Is Iberia strict with carry-on luggage? 

Yes, Iberia Airlines is strict with carry-on luggage. Airlines clearly state that you can carry one main hand luggage bag on board and one personal item for free. The airline also states that your main bag should fit in the sizer to get stored in the overhead bin easily.

Can I bring a backpack and carry-on Iberia? 

As per the carry-on baggage policy of the airline, you can carry one personal item, which can include a backpack also. However, it must need the standard size approved by the airline. It must fit in the overhead bin or under the front seat.

What is Iberia checked Baggage Policy? 

  • As per the Iberia checked baggage policy, your bags must not exceed 70lbs/32 kg. If it exceeds, it should be repacked; otherwise, the airline will not accept it.

  • The airline can accept bags weighing between 50lbs/23 kg and 70lbs/33kg with an additional fee.

  • The maximum combined dimension of checked baggage should not exceed 158 cm per bag, including handles, pockets, and wheels.

  • Iberia's free allowance for checked baggage depends on your travel class and routes.

  • If you travel with babies and children on a discounted fare, they will be entitled to the same baggage allowance as an accompanied adult and a baby seat for free.

  • You can save up to 50 % if you pay for checked baggage in advance via online mediums.

  • You must tag your bags with personal information from outside and inside.

Does Iberia include checked bags? 

Iberia does include checked bags as per the class and routes. For instance, you can carry one bag with Economy Optimal and Economy Flexible. Similarly, the Iberia baggage allowance for Business class is two bags, and with Business Plus/ business Club, it is three bags. All the checked bags should not exceed the limit of 50 pounds/ 23 kg and have a maximum linear dimension of 158 cm/62 inches.

How much is a checked bag in Iberia? 

Iberia includes baggage allowance for all the fare types. However, for Economic Basic, you need to pay around $ 55- $ 85 to purchase first baggage and $ 170 to purchase 2 + bags. 

How many bags can I take on Iberia?

For Economy and Premium Economy: - you can carry one piece of cabin bag and one personal accessory with approved dimension and weight. In regards to checked baggage, you can carry one bag.

For Business Class/ Business plus:- You can carry one piece of cabin bag and one piece of personal accessory with approved dimensions and weight. You can carry two bags for Business and three bags for Business Plus/Business Club regarding checked baggage. The checked baggage must meet the approved dimension and weight.