How do I check-in online with Lufthansa?

How can I check-in online with Lufthansa Fligh?

If you need to check-in online with Lufthansa, then you simply need to follow the given steps.

Start with the Lufthansa website.

  • Log into your account by using the credentials you used at the time of booking.

  • Keep your booking code or ticket number with you before you start the process. 

  • Go to the online check-in portal and identify yourself. 

  • Enter the ticket number and your last name. Frequent flier members can use their service card number for this as well.

  • Next, select your preferred seat and hit the boarding pass issuing button. 

  • You can print this boarding pass from the website or the official app. 

When can I do online check-in at Lufthansa? 

As per the rules, Lufthansa's check-in time for international flights is 23 hours before the scheduled departure. The online check-in portals are active for the duration of these 23 hours. You can check-in through the website or through the mobile app. 

What is the Lufthansa check-in policy? 

As per the policies, the passengers should note that: 

  • The online check-in becomes available 23 hours before the take-off, while the airport check-in becomes available 2 hours before the departure. 

  • Web check-in is not available for passengers with disabilities. 

  • You can select your seat at the time of check-in, but you are under no obligation to do so. 

  • Certain airports do not support web check-in. Ensure that your designated airport allows Lufthansa to check-in at the airport and only then proceed with this. 

Why can't I check-in online for Lufthansa? 

Online check-in can be affected by minor inconveniences such as network issues, disrupted connection, webpage time-out, etc. but are resolved as soon as the connection goes back to normal. 

Another reason stopping you from going from a web check-in that can not be resolved is the codeshare flights. This means that when you book a codeshare flight, you are actually booking a flight that is operated under the Lufthansa name but does not belong to it. 

Codeshare flights give both the airlines different facilities and benefits; however, online check-in through the Lufthansa website is not possible. 

What time does the Lufthansa check-in counter open? 

As per the rules, if you are about to fly on a domestic aircraft, then the counter will be open 3 hours before the scheduled take-off. However, if it is an international flight, then you can go for the procedure 3 hours before the departure. 

If you are one of those passengers who prefer to check-in at the airport counter and not through the web check-in or the mobile app, then note that the airline offers you this option as well. 

How late can I check-in for a Lufthansa flight? 

Passengers will be allowed to check-in up to 60 minutes before the departure. Once there are only 60 minutes left in the flight departure, the check-in procedure will stop. Afterward, the airline has to focus on boarding the passengers and preparing the flight for departure. Hence, every passenger has the right to complete their check-in between 23 to 1 hour before the flight departure. 

Is it mandatory to check-in online at Lufthansa? 

Lufthansa has not mandated the online check-in to be followed by everyone. As per the airline policies, the passengers don't need to check-in online. They can also go for the airport check-in option; they are free to select the method they prefer. 

However, you would need to check with the airport you are due to fly with. Some airports are open to both the online and offline check-in. However, some airports don't accept the online check-in process. 

Similar to this, some airports do not allow for offline check-in. So it depends on the airport you are bound to fly with and not the airline policies. 

How many hours before the flight should you be at Lufthansa airport? 

This question again should be answered depending on the requirement of the situation.

  • If you have already checked-in online and have your boarding pass, and have checked in your luggage, then you only need to be present at the airport an hour before the departure. 

  • But if the flight is due to carry a heavy number of passengers, from a very busy airport, then it would be ideal to reach the airport 2 hours before the take-off. 

  • If you have not checked-in online and need to do Lufthansa check-in at the airport, you should be available at the airport at least 2-3 hours prior to the take-off. 

  • Passengers will not be allowed to check-in or board the flight if they reach the boarding counter when less than 60 minutes are left in the take-off. 

What time does the Lufthansa bag drop open? 

The check-in deadline for the baggage drop service is dependent on the airport you are about to fly from. You can check the drop-off timing for the baggage through the following steps. 

  • From the official webpage, open the check-in overview option and the reach for the check-in deadlines. 

  • On this page, use the drop-down boxes to select your country, your ticket type, and then the name of the airport you are bound to fly from. 

  • Now press the 'yellow' show button, and the webpage will show the deadline. 

Bag drop opens along with the check-in facility; as per the common rules, you can drop off your bags right after you check-in. This service, in general, is available up to 1 to 2 hours before the take-off. 

But you should make sure about the timings by using the Lufthansa check-in number and asking them to clarify any other doubts that you have with this. 

Is web check-in mandatory for international flights at Lufthansa?

The airline has not made the web check-in process mandatory; however, there are certain passengers who are not allowed to check-in via the online portals. These people are specially-abled passengers and minors who will be traveling alone. Apart from these, passengers who will be using wheelchairs are also required to do check-in at the airport. This helps the airport in treating the situation more fairly and giving the best services possible.