How do I send a complaint letter to British Airways?

How can I file a complaint against British Airways?

Suppose you want to escalate the complaint with British Airways regarding any issues with the flight services or lost items. So the airline offers a number of ways to highlight the problem in front of them, like the British Airways complaints phone number, email, complaint form, and airport help desk. However, the airline suggests that travelers report the official complaint either via email support or a complaint form, which is available on the airline's website, instead of the customer service phone number. You will get a detailed overview of it, and you will get all the options that are available to get through with British Airways.

How can I file a complaint with British Airways?

Suppose the traveler has a disappointing experience with British Airways, such as missed connecting flights due to delayed or canceled flights, airline services not meeting expectations, baggage issues, and more. Then, they can report an official complaint about any concerns by submitting the complaint form, as it is a more reliable option among the available choices. Passengers must know the critical points before submitting the state, which are mentioned below.

  • You may be required to visit the British Airline portal.
  • Kindly select the help tab, which is given on the menu bar.
  • After that, the person should click on the contact and FAQs tab.
  • Here, you will see a range of options to contact the executive, different FAQs, and some other links.
  • Passengers should tap on the link that says Making a complaint under the section Get help with something.
  • Later on, choose to start a new complaint or claim.
  • Customers need to select the category for whom they need to file the complaint among the multiple choices.
  • Kindly fill in the necessary details, for example, the traveler’s personal information, a valid phone number or email address, the booking confirmation code, the last name given on the itinerary, and problem descriptions with attachments.
  • Select the submit tab and wait for the assistant's response.

How can I send a complaint email to British Airways?

When the passenger wants to send a formal complaint to the airline representative, then it is wise to prefer the British Airways complaints email option, which is accessible only on the contact page. Customers should make sure to mention the facts in the complaint, like asking for compensation in precise and professional language, travel information, travel document attachments, and more. Before sending the email, you must know the step-by-step process.

  • Firstly, passengers should head towards the airline's official contact page to find the email tab.
  • The page will show different links and options, but you must click on the All Other Inquiries tab, which is given at the bottom of the page.
  • And then select the email form.
  • Now, enter the required information in the field box available on the screen, such as email address, contact number, personal details, membership number, reason to connect, flight details, travel date, and more.
  • Choose the submit icon and wait for the customer service executive team.
  • British Airways help desk assistant will take a few days to get back in touch.

How do I follow up on a complaint with British Airways?

A person who has already reported the issue, and you want to track the status of the existing complaint. So, you must have the case reference number handy before contacting the airline assistant via the British Airways complaint contact number or online.  Otherwise, you can follow up on the complaint raised online by following the given steps.

  • To track the current status of the complaint, customers should reach the airline's official contact page.
  • And find a new complaint tab when the page opens up.
  • Here, you will see various options, among which you should select the track and update your case or claim.
  • Now select the correct option and then enter the case number or other required details.
  • The complete details of the submitted complaint will be displayed on the screen.

What is the fastest way to complain at British Airways?

In case the existing complaints take a long time, then you should prefer the other best possible way to report the issue with the British Airways complaints forum via a phone number, which serves 24/7 service to resolve the customer’s grievances. You need to dial 1800-452-1201 to hear the impaired instructions and then wait for a while to get linked with the executive. When the call gets connected with expertise, kindly share the experience and ask for compensation for the inconvenience.

How long does BA take to respond to complaints?

Generally, the British Airways complaint response time is seven days to acknowledge the submitted complaint, and it takes nearly 28 days to resolve it completely.

How do I check the status of my complaint with British Airways?

Passengers can easily check the status of the existing complaint with British Airways via live chat, which is available on the official contact page. Kindly click on the chat option and then enter ‘check my case status.